Multi-disciplinary Singer, Writer and Creative activist Ruby-Ann Patterson is a fully flourished, self-made working artist. She is driven by an innate urge to give a voice to those unheard, and hers embodies the indescribable; powerfully soft, delicate, instinctively rhythmic and lyrically charged. Her work echoes the sounds of her city as well as the roots of her origin, she draws inspiration from the dynamic world she submerses herself in. Patterson is a true testament of a diverse creative force with an undeniable presence, belying her youth. Her burgeoning career developed into many early achievements including being the BBC Words First Poetry Semi-finalist, supporting Gregory Porter, Charles Bradley and Candi Staton. Amongst other notable achievements, Ruby-Ann is the founder of activist support group, Mancnubian, curating workshops and an online community dedicated to celebrating the everyday lives of BAME, self identifying women in Manchester. Ruby-Ann is a altruistic force with the creative intention to make a mark sure to be reverberated for years to come. Ruby Ann-Patterson